Pro Medicus have for over 30 years provided independent ambulances, medical supervision and first aid training courses, to many NHS hospitals, clinics and trusts.

The problem:

A patient was due to be transferred to a local private hospital. On collection it was clearly noticeable that Patient A was in great discomfort and Pro Medicus knew the journey would have to be as smooth as possible. It was decided that a slow and steady speed would be best and seeing that the patient’s condition wasn’t immediately life threatening, no lights or sirens would be needed.

No more than two minutes into the journey, a driver who had been on the tail of the ambulance since the start and had been swerving back and forth while gesticulating madly for the ambulance to speed up, eventually shot past, narrowly avoiding the front of the vehicle and forcing it to brake hard.

Thankfully Patient A was safely conveyed to the hospital, however this incident stayed fresh in the mind of Stephen Burton, Director of Pro Medicus Ltd, who decided it was time something was done to make transporting non-emergency and emergency patients safer at low speeds.

The Solution:

Having researched a number of solutions Stephen had a chance encounter at the Emergency Services Show with a visit to the Premier Hazard stand who were displaying a number of new products.

One such product was the M5 Matrix display. Stephen said “It was the ideal size, brightness and design to be mounted on to the rear of an ambulance and programmed to display messages such as ‘Slow Moving’ – ‘Patient On Board’ – ‘Pass With Care’”. After consultation between companies, three signs were ordered and arrangements made to install them.

Pro Medicus’ latest vehicle was the first to receive the new display and is controlled via a remote control in the back of the vehicle. It can be programmed by a simple desktop application with Messages transferred by MicroSD card when ready.

It may have only been installed recently but it has already been heavily used around the Luton area where it has been advising drivers to pass the stationary vehicle while loading and unloading, to pass slowly while the ambulance is moving slowly, and in one instance advising of an accident ahead and to slow down.

Pro Medicus are proud to be the first ambulance service to implement such a feature on its vehicles, and believes that the increased levels of safety will have other services taking an interest. Roy McClarty, Emergency Services Director of Premier Hazard part of ECCO Safety Group Europe, said “Pro Medicus are championing the safety message in Luton, and we are glad to be working together in this way”.

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