Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service were looking for a high resolution camera solution that would withstand extreme heat and with the ability to be controlled remotely.

Station Manager Colin Poyzer, Equipment Officer for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said “We needed a system that could capture more than eight cameras simultaneously and Premier Hazard gave us various options. Also, due to the cameras on the cage, we needed to be able to capture images remotely. By placing three cameras on the cage (one either side and one below), we are able to use the cameras to provide a realtime view of fire operations. In particular, we can remotely control the cage to provide a monitor onto a hazardous substance (a cylinder, for example), without putting a firefighter’s life at risk. This, along with the Dual Remote Thermal Camera gives NFRS a very safe option to a very dangerous risk.”

These robust, high resolution cameras have been fitted onto the Service’s latest fire appliances and the refurbished ALP Bronto Skylift, based at Mansfield. Poyzer said “The new camera system also enables the footage to be remotely accessed. This allows video images to be downloaded without having to physically visit the vehicle. From an investigation point of view, this has many benefits and provides a saving as no-one is required to travel to the vehicle and exchange hard drives.”

Premier Hazard offer a high level of reliability and product support, something not always available from other suppliers.

“The system we have chosen provides an HD image and can be custom set to enhance recording time, video quality and streaming quality”, said Poyzer. “It is also upgradable so new technology cameras (such as infrared) can be added at a later date.”

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