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CCTV Solutions

Digital Video Systems

Our versatile range of mobile digital video recorders is hand-picked to offer the perfect solution to suit your recording needs.

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The Premier Hazard range of vehicle CCTV cameras is continuously updated to ensure we have the latest technology and quality products available.

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We have a range of quality monitors that will suit all applications for the perfect in vehicle viewing experience.

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Reversing Kits

Our reversing kits will ensure that you feel confident when parking your vehicle, with a broad choice available you can ensure an end to vehicle blind spots.

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Our range of cables will ensure that no matter which camera, dvr or monitor you choose; you can be sure of complete compatibility and with a range of lengths available – a tidy installation.

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Ancillary Equipment

From sensor boxes to mounting options, here you can find a variety of additional popular CCTV products.

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