Focus on Messaging Signs

LED Messaging signs are becoming more and more popular this year, with sales of the units increasing 30%.

The reasoning for this increase is thought to be two-fold - hazard prevention and controlled direction.

Nowadays, it's not just the domain of the emergency services who use them, hauliers in particular those transporting larger loads are now making other road users aware of the potential hazards by using LED messaging signs.

The police forces in the UK have noted the covert applications for use in marked and unmarked vehicles. Road hazards, for example a breakdown on the hard shoulder, or a controlled direction to "Slow Down" are just a few examples of the many applications these messaging signs can be used for.

ESG Europe our parent company is passionate about safety, recently becoming a FORS associate and has greeted the increase in LED message sign sales as a positive step in making the roads we use safer.

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