As summertime draws to a close, a reminder that this coming Sunday 29th October is the end of BST for this year.

ESG Vehicle CCTV systems and data recorders have integrated clocks which time stamp the evidence. If the date and time are wrong your evidence is compromised and may be thrown out of Court if required to pursue or defend a case. 

Our systems support a number of modes for adjusting the real-time clock; manual, automatic on defined dates and times, sync to GPS, sync to NTS via 3G/Wi-Fi, or sync to server-time. We recommend you check the system settings to ensure the validity of potential evidential data. 

For those who have yet to set up automatic summertime adjustment on their CCTV and other networked systems, the clocks go back 1 hour at 2 am on Sunday morning. 


If you don't remember the settings...

Last Sunday of March 1 am 

Last Sunday of October 2 am


Details of how to access the clock settings can be found in the manual for your vehicle DVR and/or server. As a tip, if your systems are connected to our one of our Central Management System Servers then you can make these adjustments remotely when the vehicle is online. Or alternatively why not try using our EasyView USB dongle with any iOS or Android device? This provides a quick and easy way to check the settings on any of our DVR’s which support a graphical user interface. It is available on special offer this week for just £99 for the dongle with 32GB SD card and software.

Call 0113 239 1111 quoting part number EC003-000. Credit cards accepted! 

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