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Maxim Lightbar


Popular for commercial applications around the world, and in widespread use across Scandinavia, the Maxim is extremely versatile, and can be fitted with a combination of different coloured lenses across the length of the bar to meet your individual needs.

Maxim configurations include those that meet both Chapter 8 Amber and ECE Reg 65 guidelines, and the illuminated central panel can be customised with the lettering of your choice.

Product Data

Feature Available Options
  • Red
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • 330mm
Height (mm)
  • 140mm
Length (mm)
  • 1114mm
  • 1214mm
  • 1473mm
Lighting Options
  • Halogen
  • Led
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Additional Options
  • Signs & Grilles
  • Spot/Flood Lighting
  • Infosigns
  • Speakers
  • Alley Lights
  • Take Down Lights
  • Brake/Tail Indicators
  • Bespoke Lettering/Logo's
  • ECE Reg65 Options Available
Mounting Type
  • Adjustable Mount (9AK)
  • Permanent Mount 20mm (9BK)
  • Gutterless Mount (9GK)
  • Round 'U' Clamp (9UK)
  • Square Clamp (9SK)
Switching Options
  • STC Controller
  • Din Slot Controller
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