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ShockWave Remote Mount Siren (9005 Series)

Shockwave Siren
Shockwave siren and microphone
Shockwave Siren
Shockwave siren and microphone

With a host of different tones and extensive audio features, the high-quality, versatile ShockWave is perfect for law enforcement and emergency service applications.

The generous features include both 100W and 200W speaker output, advanced PA with ancillary microphone unit, radio rebroadcast, play and record facilities, two relay outputs and a data output.

With both 12V and 24V options available, ShockWave meets all relevant EMC, NPIA and German KBA approvals, and can be easily operated via a wide range of controller options including MTC, STC and DIN slot units.

Product Data

Feature Available Options
  • 138 (mm)
Height (mm)
  • 59mm
Length (mm)
  • 156mm
  • NPIA
  • EMC Reg10
Mounting Type
  • Remote Mount
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  • WAIL
  • YELP
  • HI-LO
  • PA
  • Radio Rebroadcast
  • Dutch Tones
  • French Tones
  • German Tones
  • Austrian Tones
  • Norwegian Tones
  • Italian Tones
  • Denmark Tones
  • Switzerland Tones
  • High Power
  • Recorded Speech
Switching Options
  • STC Controller
  • Din Slot Controller
  • Horn Ring Transfer
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