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FM9000 LED Half Bar

Front lightbar 2.JPG
FM9000 REG65 configuration
FM9000 REG65 config
Front lightbar 2.JPG
FM9000 REG65 configuration
FM9000 REG65 config

Blue Class 2 Category HT Approval Available in certain configurations!

Available in a range of lengths to suit a wide variety of emergency service vehicles, the FM9000 includes LED reflector lightheads to provide superior hazard warning and visibility.

The FM9000 can be configured with a range of LED components including infrared and steady burn. 

If required, the versatile FM9000 can also be configured to include integrated stop, tail or indicator lights, in addition to a reversing camera, and custom wiring looms are available.

Robust, dependable and built to last, the FM9000 provides fantastic value and can be configured to meet Reg 65 directives.


2 Year


12 Volt

Product Data

Feature Available Options
  • Red
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
Height (mm)
  • 76.2mm
Diameter (mm)
  • 101.6
Lighting Options
  • Halogen
  • Led
  • Tricore
Additional Options
  • Spot/Flood Lighting
  • Alley Lights
  • Take Down Lights
  • Brake/Tail Indicators
  • Bespoke Lettering/Logo's
  • Roof Connector
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  • ECE Reg65 Options Available
  • EMC REG 10.05
Mounting Type
  • Flush Mount Housing
Switching Options
  • STC Controller
  • Din Slot Controller
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