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DVRX3 Digital Video Recorder (DVRX3 Series)

X3 NEW DVR Resized
Rear new x3 resized
X3 NEW DVR Resized
Rear new x3 resized

The DVRX3 Mini houses a lockable, removable HDD Caddy for mounting a hard drive (capacity upto 2TB), also functionality to use additional SD card for mirror record. Sturdy & robust design fully protects the quality of the video footage.

The DVR supports 4 analogue channels and 2 IP channels for 1-6 camera recording, at 100 frames per second globally, with recording up to D1 resolution (analogue), 720p (IP), and has additional sensor outputs for controlled switching.

All footage is fully encrypted with password protection at multiple levels and is viewable only with the included software.

The inbuilt GPS enables the vehicle location, speed, date and time to be recorded accurately on to the footage.

Optional automated download via Wi-Fi and live video streaming is also available via 3G/4G.

This unit must be mounted flat or on its side so may not be suitable for installations with limited space.




Product Data

Feature Available Options
  • 4 Channel DVR
  • Cables included
  • Removable hard Drive
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • 3G Live Video Streaming