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Micromax Lightbar (LB111-100 Series)

Micromax lit
Micromax unlit
Micromax lit
Micromax unlit

The Micromax is an ultra bright, easy to install lightbar, and packs a huge number of features into compact housing.

Featuring 42pcs x LED, 24 Selectable flash patterns.

Available in permanent and magnetic mount versions.

Supplied with a two year warranty, and constructed to the highest standards from durable materials, Micromax also features advanced circuit protection features which prevent damage from reverse polarity.

This Micromax is Ingress protection rated to IP66.

Part Number Model
LB111-100B-DV Blue permanent mount
*LB111-100BM-DV Blue magnetic mount


* Warning (Magnetic mount only)

Maximum recommended vehicle speed for safe operation = 70mph (112km/h).

Usage is at the sole risk and responsibility of the user.





2 Year
LED 5 Year


Dual Voltage

Product Data

Feature Available Options
  • Blue
  • 172mm
Height (mm)
  • 37mm
Length (mm)
  • 400mm
  • ECE REG 10.4
  • ECE REG 65
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Mounting Type
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Permanent Mount
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