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Sonic remote Mount Siren Amplifier (9004 Series)

Sonic Siren image 4
Sonic Siren image 4

The Sonic is flexible and easy to install, and packs a huge number of features into compact housing. Featuring both 60W and 100w outputs, the unit can provide a range of different volumes through a single speaker, so it’s suitable for use at any time of the day or night, and in a full variety of locations.
With run, horn and air horn inputs, Sonic units are adaptable and simple to operate, with users able to pick from up to 5 configurable tones via DIP switches.
Supplied with a two year warranty, and constructed to the highest standards from durable materials, Sonic also features a host of advanced circuit protection features which prevent damage from over/under voltages, overheating, surges and short circuits for added peace of mind.

Product Data

Feature Available Options
  • 106 mm
Height (mm)
  • 60 mm
Length (mm)
  • 116.5 mm
Weight (kg)
  • 0.8kg
  • NPIA
  • EMC Reg10
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  • WAIL
  • YELP
  • HI-LO
Switching Options
  • STC Controller
  • Din Slot Controller
  • 502 Siren Switch
  • 504 Siren Switch
  • 509 Siren Switch
  • 509A Siren Switch
  • Horn Ring Transfer
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